Arts and Humanities

Nov. 20, 2017
The spring semester courses feature a wide range of subjects, spanning the globe from China to Africa and human history from antiquity to the turbulence of 1968.
"The End of Concern" traces the history of an unusual and often-overlooked moment in time.
Oct. 24, 2017
In a new book, UA historian Fabio Lanza examines the intellectual history of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars and how it can inform U.S.-China relations today.
The archaeological dig at Warren Ballpark in Bisbee is now concentrating near the dugouts and right behind home plate, to see what customers in the good seats might have dropped, according to UA professor Robert Schon.
Oct. 23, 2017
Professor Robert Schon is excavating Bisbee's Warren Ballpark, which is almost as old as the World Series itself, to gain insight into Southwestern life in the early 1900s.
Halloween, celebrated annually on Oct. 31, began as a pagan festival but has a strong historical tie to the Protestant Reformation.
Oct. 23, 2017
Halloween's ghosts are a reminder of the day's origins in Celtic history. Despite its pagan start, or perhaps because of it, Halloween also played a role in religious history as Reformation Day.
Jere Michael's film, "Off the Street," follows aspiring young artists at a summer art camp in 1968. (Image courtesy of Hanson Film Institute)
Oct. 16, 2017
The UA's Hanson Film Institute will present "Off the Street," which documents a summer art camp created in response to civil unrest after the death of Martin Luther King Jr.
Sept. 27, 2017
The festival, which begins next week, will examine moments of principled defiance, quiet dissent and thundering discord throughout history — and the changes they created.
Stacy Howard (left) on set with "Amásání" star Erica Anna Green (Photo: Yadira Villarreal)
Sept. 25, 2017
Graduate Stacy Howard's film will be screened at a large indigenous film festival, while three other graduates' films have been chosen for a national public television series.
Bill Skarsgard (left) plays the menacing clown Pennywise in the 2017 big-screen version of "IT," 27 years after Tim Curry (right) first tackled the role for the 1990 TV miniseries. Both adaptations are based on Stephen King's 1986 horror novel. (UANews illustration by Bob Demers)
Sept. 18, 2017
Movies and TV shows set in the 1980s, such as "IT" and "Stranger Things," are proving hugely popular in 2017. UA film expert Bradley Schauer says they're drawing two types of audiences: those nostalgic for their younger years and those intrigued by a retro, "pre-modern" time.
Hip-hop's connection to gospel, blues and jazz showed how contemporary culture was modifying the form but reflecting on the same enduring themes, says UA professor Alejandro Nava.
Sept. 18, 2017
Alejandro Nava's book "In Search of Soul" explores the nuances in the meaning of soul, particularly its sacred and profane dimensions, and seeks to explain what is common to both.