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Brick-and-mortar stores remain an important part of our social fabric, with many consumers associating them with personal and societal benefits in addition to goods and services, according to a new study led by the University of Arizona.
Nov. 13, 2018
The majority of consumers think the extinction of brick-and-mortar stores would be bad for society, according to a new UA-led study that explores consumers' perceptions of today's transforming retail environment.
Branded items such as band t-shirts can be used ironically to make a statement about an individual's beliefs and tastes.
Sept. 5, 2018
Research by Caleb Warren, assistant professor of marketing at the UA, indicates that consuming brands ironically is a way to secretly signal our identity or beliefs to people who know us.
A ceremony at Mexico's Diplomatic Academy, Instituto Matías Romero, honored the first cohort of graduates. (Photo: Instituto Matías Romero)
Aug. 3, 2018
Mexican diplomats are learning the foundations of American law from the UA James E. Rogers College of Law in order to enhance consular services and strengthen binational relations.
Fletcher McCusker (right) speaks at the 2018 Tech Launch Arizona I-Squared Awards, where he was honored with the award for Ecosystem Impact. TLA Assistant Vice President Doug Hockstad looks on. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
June 26, 2018
Tucson's newest early-stage capital fund, UA Venture Capital Fund LLC, has announced that its first three investments will include UA-connected companies Codelucida and Regulonix.
The UA Tech Park remains one of the largest employment centers in southern Arizona, hosting 52 companies and organizations that employ 5,870 skilled workers.
June 26, 2018
The UA Tech Park, a center for high-wage jobs, remains one of the largest employment hubs in southern Arizona, hosting 52 companies and organizations that employ 5,870 skilled workers.
May 17, 2018
A new clinic addresses matters pertaining to water, endangered species, public lands, climate change, tribal lands and other natural resource challenges that exist in Arizona and the West.
Can a simple smile make you seen more cool to other people? New research from the UA says it can.
May 8, 2018
A widespread belief holds that being inexpressive is cool, but UA assistant professor of marketing Caleb Warren says that's not the case. A smiling person is seen as more cool.
National 4-H Council President and CEO Jennifer Sirangelo (right) presented Ethel Branch with the 4-H Luminary Award at a Washington, D.C. gala last month. (Courtesy of the National 4-H Council)
April 24, 2018
Ethel Branch credits her experiences as a youth in the University of Arizona's Cooperative Extension 4-H program with helping prepare her for an eventual career as the Navajo Nation Attorney General.
UA alumnus Terry J. Lundgren is known for his generosity of time and expertise with students. (Photo courtesy of the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences)
April 20, 2018
Contributions by alumnus Terry J. Lundgren and his supporters in the fashion and retailing industries will benefit a range of programs and educational enhancements at the UA.