Teaching and Students

Oct. 9, 2018
"My parents really valued putting us in situations where we were surrounded by great people," said Michael Wystrach, who was an Arizona 4-H kid long before he was a Wildcat.
An adult two-tailed swallowtail butterfly in Texas. Nearly 900 observers have uploaded more than 1,300 images of this species of butterfly to iNaturalist. (Photo: iNaturalist user Nancy Norman)
Sept. 27, 2018
In a cross-country collaborative class, a UA professor and a data science specialist help arm students for biology’s big data revolution by incorporating coding into the scientific method.
The UA's new bachelor's degree in applied humanities will produce graduates who are prepared with both professional skills and the so-called “soft skills” and broad perspectives that are gained in the humanities.
Sept. 12, 2018
A new career-centered degree in the College of Humanities will give students an educational path that integrates professional training and skills in intercultural competence.
UA students in the sustainable built environments program prepare to interact via virtual exchange with their peers from the American University in Cairo.
Aug. 27, 2018
Harnessing Innovation through Virtual Exchange, or HIVE, is buzzing at the UA and at the American University in Cairo as classrooms transform into global hubs of knowledge.
Josh Brewer is one of the newest members of the UA Men's Wheelchair Basketball Team. After a tumultuous journey to where he is today, he's eager to begin life as Wildcat. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Aug. 22, 2018
Since leaving home and setting out on his own when he was 8 years old, Josh Brewer has overcome tremendous obstacles to achieve his dream of playing basketball at the University of Arizona.
Prospective cadets who finish the UA Naval ROTC's new student orientation over the summer attend an integration ceremony to officially become cadets. (Photo: UA NROTC)
Aug. 17, 2018
The University of Arizona Navy Reserve Officers' Training Corps provides great opportunity for UA freshman Alex Lim and Caitie D'Ambrosio.
“My time as an Army medic was my first experience in the medical field and the foundation for my desire to become a physician,” said Tillman Scholar Neil Vigil, a student at the UA College of Medicine — Phoenix. (Courtesy of Neil Vigil)
July 31, 2018
Neil Vigil, a student in the Class of 2021 at the UA College of Medicine — Phoenix, was selected for the prestigious scholarship based on his military service and leadership.
University of Arizona Air Force ROTC students receive leadership and military training in addition to earning their degrees. (Courtesy of UA AFROTC)
July 27, 2018
The University of Arizona Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps was the perfect complement to a college degree for recent graduates Clayton Utley and Maria Miller.
The yellow balls seen at the center of this image are a phase of massive star formation that comes before the massive stars have cleared cavities in the clouds of gas around them (shown in green) but after the cold, collapsing gas stage that Jenny Calahan and Yancy Shirley searched for in their survey. (Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech)
July 25, 2018
University of Arizona astronomy students searched 101 massive clouds of gas to find those that may be in the first phases of forming massive stars.