Teaching and Students

Oct. 26, 2007
A number of events on the UA campus will explore the rights of both the press and the government.
Kay Kavanagh
Oct. 25, 2007
<p>The book offers advice on handling situation in and out of court, plus tools for overcoming shyness and managing stress. </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
The UA has coordinated and is participating in a number of events through Oct. 31 that will focus on sustainability and conservation efforts on and off campus.
Oct. 24, 2007
One of the key messages during the weeklong effort is to join together to make positive change for the future.
Kathy G. Short
Oct. 24, 2007
<p>A teaching and research library in the College of Education is promoting the reading of international children&#39;s literature in the United States. </p>
Kathy G. Short
Oct. 23, 2007
The effort aims to improve intercultural understanding through the use of children&#39;s books.
Toni Massaro, James E. Rogers College of Law dean
Oct. 22, 2007
<p>The College of Law has launched a scholarship fundraising campaign and an alumni network to help students during and after their time at the UA.</p>
James E. Rogers College of Law Professor Gabriel J. Chin
Oct. 19, 2007
One law school faculty member supervised two of his students to win a recent felony trial case.
The School of Information Resources and Library Science is teaching both urban and rural librarians skills necessary for 21st century.
Oct. 17, 2007
The School of Information Resources and Library Science&#39;s new DigIn program gives librarians necessary skills in technology. <br />