Teaching and Students

The Kakavas family watches an Ultimaker machine create a  3-D model.
Feb. 12, 2018
What organizers call the first 4-H Fab Lab in the country, and the first fabrication laboratory in an Arizona public school, is engaging students in STEM and fulfilling the mission of UA Cooperative Extension.
The Student Industry Networking Event, or SINE, facilitates interaction between STEM and business students and potential mentors or future employers.
Feb. 9, 2018
Industry leaders and UA alumni who participate are sought out by students for employment strategies and professional tips to ease the transition from college to the workforce.
Faculty and students in CAPLA's interdisciplinary urban design studio included (back row, from left) Arlie Adkins, Brad Kindler, Kelly Cederberg and Chris Ortiz y Pino and (front row, from left) Yuheng Zhang, Fei Yu, Amanda Maass and Eduardo Guerrero. Not pictured: Connor Harmon and Michele Scanze. (Photo: Stacy Pigott/UANews)
Feb. 7, 2018
Students in one of the interdisciplinary urban design studios of the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture produced an award-winning Complete Streets policy for the city, emphasizing increased safety and accessibility and encouraging economic growth.
UA engineering freshmen make water purifiers bound for Puerto Rico residents.
Feb. 2, 2018
With a hand from Salt River Project, freshmen built simple water purification devices, called WAPIs, that were distributed to Puerto Rico residents recovering from Hurricane Maria.
Feb. 1, 2018
The UA is one of 15 institutions partnering with the Pat Tillman Foundation, and the deadline is March 1 for eligible active-duty service members, veterans and military spouses.
Top row (from left): Austin Rutherford, El’gin Avila. Middle row: Bharati Neelamraju, Sophia Borgias. Bottom row: Yiyi Huang, Nupur Joshi, Hannah Hindley. Not pictured: Adam Chmurzynski Valerie Madera-Garcia, Rachel Murray, Lorah Patterson and Norma Villagómez-Márquez. (Photo: Mari Cleven/UA Research, Discovery & Innovation)
Jan. 19, 2018
The cohort focuses on water, health, climate and other issues related to the environment and social justice to improve the quality of life for people in Arizona and around the world.
Student Rachel Franke flies the UA flag in Martinique during the Arizona in the French Caribbean Program, run through the College of Humanities with support from UA Study Abroad in the Office of Global Initiatives.
Jan. 19, 2018
Two new faculty positions, initially funded by the Office of Global Initiatives and housed within a department of the College of Humanities, are scheduled for the fall.
An artist’s impression of a very distant quasar powered by a black hole with a mass 2 billion times that of the sun (Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser)
Jan. 11, 2018
A four-year effort involving Kitt Peak's Bok Telescope and UA students helped a team of astronomers measure the masses of a large sample of supermassive black holes. Despite its modest size and advanced age of almost 50 years, the instrument keeps churning out big science.
(Photo: FJ Gaylor)
Jan. 8, 2018
Alison Hawthorne Deming, Hoshin Gupta and Pham Huu Tiep are the UA's newest Regents' Professors and will be celebrated at the annual campus ceremony on Thursday. Approved by the Arizona Board of Regents, only 3 percent of faculty members can be Regents' Professors.