The Arts

Lyn Hart was working as a nurse at Tucson's Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital when she first laid eyes on Tumamoc Hill. (Photo: Mari Cleven)
Feb. 16, 2018
A new program funded by the UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry is transforming the popular walking spot into a creative hub for artists and scientists.
Dillon Daniel plays the stop-motion animator in "Snaily," a UA student film screening this month during the Cannes Film Festival. He plans to spend the summer working on other scripts. (Photo courtesy of Dillon Daniel)
May 23, 2016
"Snaily," a short film using claymation that was created by students Bryan McAdams and Dillon Daniel, was invited to show at the prestigious French festival this month.
March 9, 2016
As the First Folio exhibit concludes its run at the Arizona State Museum on campus, one of the UA’s experts on Shakespeare talks about how the bard's words have lived on.
Feb. 11, 2016
Monday marked the much-anticipated opening on campus of the First Folio exhibit commemorating the work of the great playwright. Jessica Maerz, Brent Gibbs and Meg Lota Brown discuss his impact and influence.
Jan. 29, 2016
A UA faculty member and alumnus were involved with Sundance, the largest independent film festival in the U.S.
Nov. 19, 2015
UA doctoral student Stephanie Hoeckley, who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in 2012, is working to improve the accessibility of classical music for those with autism.
Oct. 21, 2015
In the world of piano, Nino Bakradze has been recognized nationally and internationally.
Sept. 8, 2015
UA dancer Danielle Sheather recently returned from a 95-day trip in the UK and Europe, where she studied and performed.
Blurred Lines Robin Thicke
April 15, 2015
Brian Moon, an assistant professor and coordinator for music in general studies at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music, explains the legal changes with the pop single "Blurred Lines," and how music sampling has complicated the music industry.