Panel Discussion – 'Lens on Mexico's Mean Streets'

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 5:30pm

Celebrated Mexico-based photographers, including one badly beaten by police who took his cameras early in January, will talk about challenges covering Mexican violence at a panel sponsored by the University of Arizona's Center for Border & Global Journalism.

"A Lens on Mexico's Mean Streets" will feature Bernardino Hernández and Enric Martí. Additionally, Mort Rosenblum, a professor at the UA School of Journalism, will moderate. Global news photographer Enrico Dagnino also will be on hand.

Hernández's electrifying photos of life and death in Acapulco, which will be shown during the event, depict a reality that words can't approach. He taught himself photography as an 11-year-old orphan and now, with a network of contacts, often reaches crime scenes before police. The Associated Press stringer's lens captures grim brutality with touches of humanity, conveying the tragic irony of a peaceable people suffering indescribable violence.

Martí, based in Mexico City as AP's regional photo editor for Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain, brought his work to the annual Bayeux-Calvados War Correspondents Awards in France. It stopped the show. Seasoned conflict photographers and correspondents moved from picture to picture, taking in their overall impact and subtle nuances. Hernández then captivated them, describing the obstacles he faces with self-deprecating humor and chilling detail.

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