'Genomics Now' Lecture Series - 'Genomics and the Complexity of Life'

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

The College of Science presents the third of six free lectures on "Genomics Now." Current research is changing how we view DNA, the molecule essential to all life. This new series will explore advances in genomics research including the genetic roots of disease and pandemics, how agriculture can satisfy our hungry planet, the role of the environment in individual development, and how genetic mutation affects species' survival.

Michael Nachman, UA professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, will give a talk titled "Genomics and the Complexity of Life." What determines the complexity of life? Darwin described how evolution produced "endless forms most beautiful," yet he was unaware of genetics and the laws of inheritance. Our genomes provide the ultimate record of evolution, and evolution explains many fascinating aspects of our genomes. How do changes in the genome allow organisms to adapt to their environment? How do changes in the genome produce new species? Why do worms and humans have about the same number of genes? This lecture will explore how genomics has deepened our understanding of evolution in ways Darwin never could have imagined.

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