Tucson Cine Mexico Film Festival 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 12:00am

Mexican cinema is at an exceptional moment. Never before have Mexican directors attracted so much attention in the international film arena. Beyond the now‐household names of González Iñárritu, Cuarón and del Toro, there's an exciting generation of young filmmakers from different regions in the country who are drastically changing how Mexicans see and represent themselves on the big screen, and challenging traditional notions of Mexican culture and identity. The exciting wave heralded at the beginning of this decade by films such as "Amores Perros" and "Y Tu Mamá También" has given way to a strong body of work making Mexico an international and exciting player in world cinema. Tucson Cine Mexico is a premier film festival in the United States, focusing entirely on the work of Mexican directors and producers. The festival is dedicated to presenting the best in contemporary Mexican cinema to a diverse audience.

The College of Fine Arts Hanson Film Institute and the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry present the eighth annual Tucson Cine Mexico Film Festival, kicking off with a panel discussion and featuring documentaries, a romantic comedy, a political thriller, a horror movie and dramas. Movies are in Spanish with English subtitles. Some events include in-person appearances by actors, producers or other people associated with the making of the films.

Scheduled events:

  • March 20: Panel discussion - "Mediating Indigenous Identity: A Panel on Representations of Indigenous People in Mexican Film"
  • March 21: Documentary - "Tierra Brillante/Brilliant Soil"
  • March 22: Documentary - "Morir De Pie/Die Standing Up"
  • March 22: Romantic comedy - "Aquí Entre Nos/Between Us"
  • March 23: Political thriller - "Colosio: El Asesinato/Colosio: The Assasination"
  • March 23: Documentary short - "Brian"
  • March 23: Drama- "El Lenguaje De Los Machetes/Machete Language"
  • March 23: Horror - "Halley"
  • March 24: Documentary short - "Paraíso"
  • March 24: Documentary - "Silvestre Pantaleón"
  • March 24: Drama - "Después De Lucía/After Lucia"
  • March 24: Documentary - "Teatro Penitenciario-Libertad Desde La Sombra/Prison Theatre-Liberty in the Dark"

See the Tucson Cine Mexico website listed below for event times and locations and complete descriptions of the movies.

Varies. See Tucson Cine Mexico website.
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