Creative Collaborations - 'Looking Beyond the Sky - A Dialogue'

Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 11:00am to 12:00am

The UA School of Music announces Creative Collaborations sponsored by the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry. These collaborations represent the Colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social and Behavior Sciences in their joint mission to bring people and ideas together to cultivate innovation, collaboration and public engagement. Regents' Professor Paula Fan presents distinguished scholars and performers in this series of unique interdisciplinary discussions of music, familiar and unfamiliar. A little lecture, a little music and a lot of discovery!

During his lecture titled "Looking Beyond the Sky – A Dialogue," Richard Powell, Vice President Emeritus for Research and professor of optical sciences, will present his magnificent astronomical photos. As a scientist and musician, he ponders the wonder and inspiration that is part of looking up. Musical and astronomical imagery combine in this examination of man's eternal fascination with the skies above us. Which composer wrote about a trip to the moon in 1777 and of what one might see through a telescope? Who immortalized in music the three stars in Orion's Belt?

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