Humanities Week Kick-Off

Monday, October 7, 2013 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Join the UA College of Humanities for a special day of learning and exploration at the Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium. See meteorites come to life above your head in this exciting environment and visit all the exhibits at the planetarium. This event is free, suitable for all ages and food will be available for sale outside on the UA Mall (cash only).

"The Sky is Falling" will begin at 4 p.m. Christopher Cokinos, associate professor of English at the UA, will present "The Fascinating Science and Crazy History of Shooting Stars." From folk tales that attributed meteors to the tears of saints to worries that a shooting star foretold death, humans have attributed deep symbolic meaning to lights passing in the sky. Join us for an entertaining provocative overview of our attempts to incorporate meteors and meteorites into various cultures.

"Meteorite Hunters" will begin at 6 p.m. Cokinos will present "Real-Life Adventures in Search of Meteorites." Weaving natural history, memoir, the stories of maverick scientists, daring adventurers and stargazing dreamers, Cokinos will be your guide for the evening. Hear captivating stories that take us from a driveway in Oregon where, a century ago, a rogue backwoods man stole a 15 ton meteorite, to Arizona's Meteor Crater, where Daniel Barringer challenged establishment science, lost a fortune and died of a broken heart, all the way to Antarctica where Cokinos himself helped discover hundreds of meteorites until he confronted the limits to his endurance on the barren ice sheets at the bottom of the world.

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Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, 1601 E. University Blvd.
Tucson , AZ
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Requests for disability-related accommodations should be directed to the event's primary contact, Jenna Finfrock.