Lecture – 'The Extractive Zone: Queer Decolonial Femme Perspectives in the Américas'

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 6:30am

Miranda Joseph Endowed Lecture - Macarena Gómez-Barris "The Extractive Zone: Queer Decolonial Femme Perspectives in the Américas"

For the 2017 Miranda Joseph Endowed Lecture, Gómez-Barris puts decolonial queer of color discussions in conversation with new turns in comparative Indigeneities to show resistance to extractive capitalism, terra nullius and militarization in the face of ongoing coloniality. This lecture will focus on three sites in the Américas through analysis of film, photographs and activist coalitional work arguing for the importance of learning and thinking across the hemisphere

Macarena Gómez-Barris is chairperson of social science and cultural studies at Pratt Institute, professor of American Studies and Ethnicity at the University of Southern California. She teaches and writes on decolonial queer approaches to memory studies, comparative hemispheric Indigeneities, racial and extractive capitalism through social and cultural theory, art, film and social movements. She is author of the forthcoming books, "The Extractive Zone: Social Ecologies and Decolonial Perspectives" (Durham: Duke University Press, Fall 2017), and "Beyond the Pink Tide: Imagining the Political in the Américas" (University of California Press, March 2017). She is also author of "Where Memory Dwells: Culture and State Violence in Chile" (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009), and co-editor, with Herman Gray of "Towards a Sociology of a Trace" (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010). Macarena is the co-editor of "Las Américas Quarterly" a special issue of "The American Quarterly" with Licia Fiol-Matta (Fall 2014). Her work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in "Radical History Review," "GLQ," "Journal of Visual Culture," "Sociological Forum," and "The Media Fields Journal" among numerous other venues. She was Fulbright Fellow in Quito-Ecuador FLACSO during 2014-2015, and visiting professor in Latino Studies at NYU.

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