CrossTalk, the University of Arizona’s Electronic Percussion Group

Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 7:30pm

The Fred Fox School of Music presents CrossTalk, the University of Arizona's electronic percussion group, under the direction of Michael Pratt.

CrossTalk is the first totally electronic percussion ensemble in the world. Playing DrumKATs, MalletKATs, TrapKATs, Zendrums, HandSonic, iPads and custom-designed electronic percussion systems, this eight-member group is shredding the envelope of electronic percussion. Thirteen percussion controllers are used to create a truly eclectic mix of musical sounds. CrossTalk does not play traditional percussion ensemble literature electronically. Instead, the philosophy of the ensemble is to create and perform new works and offer unique musical opportunities and experiences to its members and their audience. In fact, you've never heard anything like this before!

CrossTalk is the perfect model of student-centered learning and research. Along with the graduate student director, Michael Pratt, students ranging from freshman to DMA candidates work together with the very latest digital music hardware and software. Students are responsible for programming both their MIDI controllers and the sound modules that create the music. Students are encouraged to constantly "look outside the box" to create and compose.

Grant Collins, were commissioned by CrossTalk specifically for the group's unique instruments and sounds. And speaking of sounds, CrossTalk can create any sound imaginable – from the most perfect re-creation of acoustic instruments, to sounds that can only be produced in the digital realm. 

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