UA Science Cafe at Magpies – 'The Moons of Saturn: Conditions for Life?'

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 6:00pm

Series topic: All the Moons You Need to Know – The Amazing Moons of Our Solar System

We are all familiar with our moon, the Earth's moon, that lights up our night sky and cycles through our lives. But many of us don't know much about the other moons in our solar system, moons that orbit other planets like Saturn and Jupiter. These days, scientists are especially interested in those other moons. Many of the most exciting recent discoveries in planetary science are connected to those other moons. Some of them even look like prime candidates for microbial life! Discover the wondrous moons of our solar system in this new Science Cafe series.

Talk: "The Moons of Saturn: Conditions for Life?"

Presenter: Bashar Rizk, Senior Staff Scientist, UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Talk description: Saturn is known for its rings, but it also has 62 moons that orbit around it, and some of them are especially intriguing. The giant moon Titan is larger than the planet Mercury, with a nitrogen rich atmosphere and liquid hydrocarbons on the surface. Enceledus, a large orb of frozen water, emits jets of water vapor from the liquid ocean below its icy surface, an ocean that may contain the ingredients for life beyond Earth. Come discover the wondrous moons of Saturn at this month's Science Café.

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