Feb. 10, 2017
The Arizona Chinese New Year Festival brought more than 200 artists and performers to Centennial Hall, including special guests from Shaanxi Normal University and Qingdao 16th Middle School in China.
Jan. 19, 2017
"Science Diplomacy and Policy With Focus on the Americas" is a global conference on practical solutions to some of today's most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.
Kevin Fitzsimmons (left), recipient of the award for Excellence in Global Education, has helped to establish a modern seafood safety testing laboratory at Yangon University in Myanmar (Burma).
Nov. 15, 2016
The UA's Global Ambassadors program, Kevin Fitzsimmons and Georgia Ehlers have been selected as recipients for 2016 by the Office of Global Initiatives and the Center for English as a Second Language.
About 90 percent of Fortaleza's population uses public transportation. (Photo courtesy of Ezequiel Dantas)
Oct. 12, 2016
Brazil's fifth-largest city, Fortaleza, struggles with bus delays and overcrowding. The city's mayor, a UA alumnus, turned to big-data experts at his alma mater for help, and an online dashboard now helps planners understand where problems exist and make decisions about how to fix them.
Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear: "Our communities remain data poor in critical areas. For example, vital statistics and basic life tables cannot be calculated for most tribal populations due to a lack of data. Data equity, data integration and health equity go hand in hand."
Sept. 26, 2016
Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear researches indigenous demography and champions data sovereignty for Native Americans, exemplifying the UA's international, dual Ph.D. program.
The Latin American Summer Research Program was launched at the UA to support undergraduate students who are juniors or seniors at their home universities and are interested in graduate studies in the U.S. (Photo courtesy of Frank Camp/UA Office of Global Initiatives)
Aug. 3, 2016
The University maintains several programs meant to engage Mexican students in UA research and academic programs.
A researcher prepares to deploy a robotic float into the Southern Ocean, the water body surrounding Antarctica. The floats are lowered over the side of the vessel on a rope and slide off the rope once in the water. (Photo: Hannah Zanowski)
June 8, 2016
With the help of the UA-led national data management project CyVerse, three agencies are funding a study of the Earth's climate with robotic floats and supercomputers.
Thandiwe Mweetwa (Photo: National Geographic Society)
June 2, 2016
Thandiwe Mweetwa, currently pursuing a master's degree in natural resources conservation at the UA, has spent time in her native Zambia studying lion populations.
UA visitors toured the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research during Global Partner Day in 2014.
May 25, 2016
Representatives of 12 universities in seven countries will learn about research collaborations, student mobility ventures and language learning programs.