Co-inventors Dr. Charles Hennemeyer (left) and Dr. Michael Larson (center) discuss design ideas with D3S CEO Nick Lim. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
June 12, 2018
Inventors at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson and Banner – University Medical Center Tucson are working with Tech Launch Arizona on a next-generation instrument.
Minying Cai (left) and Victor Hruby (right) invented the peptides for novel skin cancer prevention. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
May 31, 2018
Melanin represents the body's natural defense against cancer-causing UV rays. The UA has licensed two melanin-producing peptides to startup MCR Therapeutics.
Biosystems engineering researcher Bonnie Hurwitz (right) and associate professor of pharmacology George Watts work with research specialist Candice Clark-Mason in the lab. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
May 8, 2018
With her love of genomics and computer programming, researcher Bonnie Hurwitz works in metagenomics, or the sequencing of the whole communities of microorganisms within a sample.
May 3, 2018
The historic $60 million award for the All of Us Research Program will accelerate pursuit of tailored health care, in which strategies are optimized based on patients' differences.
Left to right: Christopher Hulme, graduate assistant Chris Foley, and Travis Dunkley. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
April 25, 2018
An Arizona startup is hoping its unique compounds will lead to treatments to halt or slow the progression of a devastating neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly 6 million Americans.
Dr. Michael D. Dake
April 12, 2018
Currently a professor of cardiothoracic surgery at Stanford University, Dake made medical history in 1992 with the implantation of the world's first thoracic stent-graft at Stanford.
Rajesh Khanna has mentored Lindsey Chew since she was a UA freshman in 2014. On April 18, she will take part in Posters on the Hill, where she will present the non-opioid pain relief research she has contributed as part of the Khanna laboratory. (Photo: Stacy Pigott/UA News)
April 10, 2018
Neuroscience and cognitive science senior Lindsey Chew will represent the University on Capitol Hill as part of Posters on the Hill, an event showcasing undergraduate research.
Dr. Daruka Mahadevan (left) and Eric Weterings examine cancer cells in a petri dish. Mahadevan is director of the UA Cancer Center Early Phase Clinical Trials Program. (Photo: Kris Hanning/UAHS, ABOR, BioCommunications)
April 4, 2018
Researchers and physician-scientists at the UA Cancer Center and College of Medicine – Tucson are optimistic about immunotherapy, which harnesses the power of the immune system, teaching it to recognize — and destroy — cancer cells. The series Fast Forward is examining the UA's role in the convergence of the digital, physical and biological worlds.
UA College of Medicine – Phoenix students react to learning where they will train as residents.
March 21, 2018
On Match Day, a total of 194 students at the UA Colleges of Medicine in Phoenix and Tucson received the important news of their destinations for completing their training as residents.