Alexa Flash Briefing

The University of Arizona's existing sustainability efforts, such as these solar panels on the roof of McClelland Park, will be significantly bolstered by a new partnership with Tucson Electric Power.
By partnering with TEP for the purchase of solar and wind power, the UA will offset all of its scope two greenhouse gas emissions with green energy by December 2020.
Black vultures and Andean condors are carnivorous birds that specialize on consuming carrion. (Photo: Cristian Román-Palacios/University of Arizona)
Aug. 21, 2019
An in-depth look into the deep history of how animals evolved their dietary preferences over the last 800 million years led UA researchers to some unexpected discoveries.
Leslie Langbert, director of the UA Center for Compassion Studies, is teaching a new online course on mindfulness. During the school year, Langbert also leads a free guided meditation practice on Monday evenings. (Photo: Kyle Mittan/Lo Que Pasa)
Aug. 21, 2019
A new online course, The Mindful Semester, will explore the research behind mindfulness and provide students with tools to manage stress and study more effectively.
Edgardo Aguilar is the 2019 Arizona Poetry Out Loud champion. (Photo: Arizona Commission on the Arts)
Aug. 20, 2019
As the 2019 Arizona Poetry Out Loud champion, Edgardo Aguilar competed on the national stage in Washington, D.C. Poetry Out Loud challenges high school students to memorize and recite their favorite poems.
Aug. 20, 2019
The discovery by UA associate professor of physiology Shaowen Bao and his colleagues could lead to new treatments to silence tinnitus for millions of sufferers.
Aug. 19, 2019
High levels of triglycerides can be reduced with prescription omega-3 fatty acids, according to a UA nutritional sciences assistant professor who led a scientific advisory published by the American Heart Association.
The research, from Elliott D. Pollack & Company and The Maguire Company Inc., suggests the University of Arizona's economic impact for fiscal year 2017 topped $4.1 billion. (Photo: Paul O'Mara)
Aug. 19, 2019
A study commissioned by the Arizona Board of Regents pegs the University of Arizona’s economic impact at more than $4 billion and says the university supports thousands of Arizona jobs.
Shelby Humbarger will pursue her dream of becoming an agricultural education teacher when she enters the UA as a freshman this fall.
Aug. 19, 2019
Early in her high school career, Shelby Humbarger made the decision to join her school's Future Farmers of America chapter, a move that changed the course of her life.
Oil well pump jack from the late 1800s in southern Ontario, Canada. (Photo: Jennifer McIntosh)
Aug. 16, 2019
New research reports that conventional oil and gas production activities inject more water underground than hydraulic fracturing and other unconventional petroleum-production methods.