Natasha Cornejo
Sept. 9, 2019
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland has awarded doctoral student in the University of Arizona Department of Chemistry and Biochemisty and her thesis adviser a Gilliam Fellowship. The fellowship aims to support students and advisers in efforts to advance research, leadership and diversity in science fields.
Marla Smith-Nilson, center, meets with a community group in a slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital city, where millions lack access to clean water. (Photo: Water1st International)
March 18, 2019
Marla Smith-Nilson shares experiences combating gender inequality and leading an international nonprofit that supports sustainable water and toilet projects for the world’s poorest communities.
Feb. 20, 2019
UA associate professor of Africana studies Bryan Carter gave a talk on black athletes' historical contributions off the court or field as part of a series of UA events during Black History Month.
The International #GlobalWildcat Pep Rally is one of the events on tap for International Education Week.
Nov. 13, 2017
The UA kicks off International Education Week on a positive note, with increases in international student enrollment and retention. Colleges, departments and units across campus are celebrating global partnerships, programs and initiatives.
Equine sciences students gain valuable hands-on experience working with young horses at the UA Equine Center. From left are junior Zoie Spurr, senior Norielle Ziemann and junior Megan Hanson. (Photo: Stacy Pigott/UANews)
Aug. 28, 2017
Some unique first-year students won't be found sleeping in the residence halls or eating at the Student Union this fall. Instead, they'll be housed at the UA Equine Center.
Freshman Nizhonabah Davis of Ganado, Arizona, participated in the UA's Native American Science and Engineering Program, an endeavor that connects Native American students with academic professionals and industry representatives in STEM fields. (Photo: Stacy Pigott/UANews)
Aug. 21, 2017
The UA's Class of 2021 is here! The University has seen an increase in the number of freshmen who are Arizona residents (up 7 percent since 2015), as well as a spike in the number of high-achieving students. Diversity of the newcomers is at an all-time high, also.
The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry's 2017-2018 Graduate Fellows are (top row, from left) Jenna Altherr Flores, Isan Brant, Conor Elliot Fitzgerald and Brittany Singletary and (bottom row, from left) Arica Crootof, Sophia Borgias, Saleh Ahmed, Saffo Papantonopoulo and Joseph Dupris.
July 11, 2017
Members of the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry's class for 2017-2018 are studying issues such as California's Owens Valley water conflict and human allomaternal care.
Images and data from the UA’s Mars HiRISE camera are being used to help visually impaired students gain interest in scientific exploration and study.
July 5, 2017
The National Science Foundation has awarded more than $1 million to researchers Sunggye Hong and Stephen Kortenkamp, who are designing accessible educational tools and launching a Mars-related project to encourage students with visual impairments to pursue careers in STEM.
The scientific research by Dr. Naomi Rance on estrogen's involvement with hot flashes may lead to a promising treatment for them. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
June 28, 2017
Fifteen years ago, Dr. Naomi Rance thought she should "try to figure out" hot flashes, and now her findings could end up offering relief to millions of women. With UANews video.