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Oct. 14, 2019
An NSF grant will help a University of Arizona researcher analyze public information campaigns as a strategy of border enforcement, comparing case studies from the United States and Australia.
Leonard A. Lauder and his longtime friend and business associate Rose Marie Bravo, who is in complete remission from clear cell ovarian cancer thanks to the efforts of University of Arizona researcher Dr. David S. Alberts.
Oct. 14, 2019
The funding will benefit clinical and translational research in the University of Arizona Cancer Center lab of Dr. David Alberts, an expert in ovarian cancer research and treatment.
David Hume Kennerly captured this image of former presidents George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office of the White House two weeks before Obama's Inauguration. (Photo: David Hume Kennerly. Collection: Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona: David Hume Kennerly Archive. © Center for Creative Photography, Arizona Board of Regents)
Oct. 10, 2019
Renowned photojournalist David Hume Kennerly has compiled an archive that represents 50 years of U.S. and world history, including iconic images of world leaders and historic events.
The treated image shows improved contractility of the heart, less ventricle/chamber dilation and improvement in wall thickness compared to the untreated heart.
Oct. 10, 2019
Preclinical studies have found that Aliskiren, a common blood pressure medication, can prevent fluid retention and muscle wasting in patients with congestive heart failure.
Oct. 9, 2019
A study found that people who consume less are happier than those who engage in other pro-environmental consumer behaviors, like buying environmentally friendly products.
A project involving vulnerable elephant populations is one of many focuses of the Conservation Research Laboratory at the University of Arizona, whose mission includes developing effective and progressive approaches to societal challenges to maintain biodiversity and conserve natural resources. (Courtesy of Chris Banotai)
Oct. 9, 2019
One donor's generosity will help train the next generation of wildlife conservation biologists and strengthen outreach opportunities for the School of Natural Resources and the Environment.
Oct. 9, 2019
A sexual assault training program that started in Canada teaches female freshmen how to better recognize risky situations, defend themselves, and communicate what they do and don't want.
Oct. 8, 2019
A team of University of Arizona researchers is studying whether glasses used to correct astigmatism in toddlers can improve language, cognitive and motor development. A $4.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will fund the study.
Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair is a reproduction of the 1925 original. Inspired by the ergonomic principles of the bicycle, Breuer was the first to use tubular steel to make furniture.
Oct. 7, 2019
An interdisciplinary University of Arizona Museum of Art exhibition and lectures examine the long-standing legacy and influence of a German art school.