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Wicker plaques from Third Mesa, made from rabbitbrush, dune broom and yucca, from left: Hiilili katsina, ca. 1935; Si’ohemiskatsina (Zuni Hemis katsina), ca. 1910; Sa’lakwmana (Shalako maiden katsina), ca. 1905. (Photo courtesy of Arizona State Museum)
Jan. 25, 2018
The 208 donated baskets join more than 30,000 specimens in the museum's unparalleled collection of woven American Indian items.
Palash Gangopadhyay, formerly a research professor at the UA College of Optical Sciences, is now full-time chief technology officer at Urbix. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
Jan. 25, 2018
Urbix Resources has licensed a portfolio of lithium-ion battery and related materials technologies invented at the UA. Urbix co-founder Adam Small graduated from the Eller College of Management.
2016 was the third year in succession to set a new record for global average surface temperatures. (Image: NASA)
Jan. 24, 2018
The record surge in global surface temperatures boosted the total warming since the start of the last century by more than 25 percent in just three years, UA scientists found.
UA President Robert C. Robbins addresses the Centennial Hall audience before the start of Monday night's science lecture. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Jan. 22, 2018
The UA president's focus on the convergence of the physical, digital and biological worlds will be addressed by "Humans, Data and Machines," which launched Monday night with a lecture on algorithms and artificial intelligence by UA professor Stephen Kobourov.
Top row (from left): Austin Rutherford, El’gin Avila. Middle row: Bharati Neelamraju, Sophia Borgias. Bottom row: Yiyi Huang, Nupur Joshi, Hannah Hindley. Not pictured: Adam Chmurzynski Valerie Madera-Garcia, Rachel Murray, Lorah Patterson and Norma Villagómez-Márquez. (Photo: Mari Cleven/UA Research, Discovery & Innovation)
Jan. 19, 2018
The cohort focuses on water, health, climate and other issues related to the environment and social justice to improve the quality of life for people in Arizona and around the world.
Student Rachel Franke flies the UA flag in Martinique during the Arizona in the French Caribbean Program, run through the College of Humanities with support from UA Study Abroad in the Office of Global Initiatives.
Jan. 19, 2018
Two new faculty positions, initially funded by the Office of Global Initiatives and housed within a department of the College of Humanities, are scheduled for the fall.
Debi Chess Mabie and Chyrl Lander on the steps of the Dunbar Pavilion. The women want the pavilion to be a gathering place for diverse voices and cultures and to increase the understanding of the historic and cultural impact of people of African descent.
Jan. 19, 2018
The Dunbar Pavilion is "one of the last remaining physical representations of the African-American community here in Tucson," according to Debi Chess Mabie.
Members of Project CENTRL Class 22, including Drew John (far left), Sine Kerr (center) and Jim Parks (second row, second from right), met with CENTRL alumni serving in the Arizona Legislature in 2014, including Frank Pratt (far right) and Gail Griffin (sixth from right).
Jan. 18, 2018
Project CENTRL, a Cooperative Extension program that began 40 years ago, helped prepare Sine Kerr for her recent appointment to the Arizona Senate in Legislative District 13.
Jan. 17, 2018
The UA and the Arizona Department of Health Services will train first responders to recognize opioid overdoses and administer naloxone, which counters the effects of overdose.