UA in the News - 2018

Dec. 30, 2018
A $2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense will support research on 3D-printed scaffolds that support the repair of devastating bone injuries.
Dec. 30, 2018
Columnist Greg Hansen named UA women's golf coach Laura Ianello the No. 1 figure in Tucson sports for 2018.
Dec. 30, 2018
"The Kuiper belt object studies are revolutionizing all of solar system studies," said Renu Malhotra, a Regents' Professor of planetary sciences at the UA.
Dec. 28, 2018
A UA-led team took the best known opportunity for the next 30 years to image a comet with radar, resulting in some unique and surprising information about Comet 46P/Wirtanen.
Dec. 25, 2018
"People don't walk away. They'll say, 'I made a promise to pay this mortgage and I'm going to keep this promise and it's immoral not to,'" said the UA's Brent White.
Dec. 24, 2018
Kory Floyd, a professor of communication at the UA, said loneliness can seem worse around the holidays, even when surrounded by family and friends.
Dec. 23, 2018
UA researchers have pinpointed a dominant genetic mutation that makes cotton bollworms resistant to genetically engineered cotton.
Dec. 20, 2018
Marc L. Miller, dean of the James E. Rogers College of Law, is interviewed about the UA's innovative approaches toward nontraditional law programs.
Dec. 19, 2018
UA President Robert C. Robbins called into the nationally syndicated "The Jim Rome Show" on Tuesday to pitch the host's son on attending the UA.