UA in the News

Nov. 11, 2019
Javier Osorio, a UArizona political science professor and expert on cartel violence, is interviewed about a recent ambush in Sonora.
Nov. 10, 2019
Jennifer Cyr discusses Bolivian President Evo Morales, who has resigned amid widespread protests across the country alleging fraud.
Nov. 9, 2019
The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix will expand the size of its class for the first time since 2012.
Nov. 8, 2019
Roberta Diaz Brinton, director of the Center for Innovation in Brain Science at the University of Arizona, is interviewed.
Nov. 8, 2019
"University press books are consistently the most reliable source of longform content," said Kathryn Conrad, director of the University of Arizona Press.
Nov. 7, 2019
University of Arizona students will train for high-demand jobs working with students with hearing and visual impairments.
Nov. 7, 2019
UArizona researchers have discovered a function in a pro-inflammatory protein that could play a part in improving therapeutics for the herpes virus.
Nov. 6, 2019
UArizona researchers found that the more exercise-related posts a person sees on social media, the more concerned they feel about their own weight.
Nov. 5, 2019
UArizona researchers are seeking solutions to the buffelgrass threat and creating a predictive model that incorporates policy and law.