Lyn Hart was working as a nurse at Tucson's Carondelet St. Mary's Hospital when she first laid eyes on Tumamoc Hill. (Photo: Mari Cleven)
Feb. 16, 2018
A new program funded by the UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry is transforming the popular walking spot into a creative hub for artists and scientists.
The Kakavas family watches an Ultimaker machine create a  3-D model.
Feb. 12, 2018
What organizers call the first 4-H Fab Lab in the country, and the first fabrication laboratory in an Arizona public school, is engaging students in STEM and fulfilling the mission of UA Cooperative Extension.
Nirav Merchant, director of the UA's Data Science Institute, presented the third lecture in the College of Science series on "Humans, Data and Machines." (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Feb. 6, 2018
It's still a long way to get from data to wisdom, said Nirav Merchant, director of the UA's Data Science Institute, in his lecture on "Working Alongside Thinking Machines."
UA President Robert C. Robbins addresses the Centennial Hall audience before the start of Monday night's science lecture. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Jan. 22, 2018
The UA president's focus on the convergence of the physical, digital and biological worlds will be addressed by "Humans, Data and Machines," which launched Monday night with a lecture on algorithms and artificial intelligence by UA professor Stephen Kobourov.
Jan. 12, 2018
The annual lecture series, which kicks off on Jan. 22, will examine the scientific, technological, legal and personal impact of revolutionary change in the way we live and work.
The Biosphere 2 complex in Oracle, Arizona, is a unique, large-scale experimental research facility housing seven simulated ecosystems.
Sept. 20, 2017
The endowment from Edward P. Bass will enable Biosphere 2 to address some of the century’s most critical questions in food, water and energy security as the world's population nears 8 billion. "The University of Arizona is ideally suited to make the most of Biosphere 2's resources," Bass says.
Sept. 12, 2017
The fall series, conducted across four Tucson-area locations, brings the community together with UA faculty and graduate students.
Shrimp at the wet lab (live animal) facility at the West Campus Agricultural Center (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Sept. 11, 2017
The Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory tests shrimp samples, identifies diseases and certifies disease-free stock to help the nearly $40 billion farmed shrimp industry provide a safe food supply. And, yes, there's a reason for the lab's desert location. With UANews video.
This year's hurricane activity is high but not unusual, according to UA scientists Thomas Galarneau and Xubin Zeng. What's unusual is that two Category 4 storms hit the U.S.
Sept. 11, 2017
UA scientists Thomas Galarneau and Xubin Zeng say this year's hurricane activity isn't too unusual. However, two Category 4 storms hitting the U.S. does qualify as exceptional.