Arizona Brings Biggest Team to Olympic Swimming Trials

The trials run through July 2 and will be televised.
June 25, 2012
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Olympic Trials Schedule:

Monday, June 25

Men's 400m IM - Final

Women's 100m Fly - Semifinal

Men's 400m Free - Final

Women's 400m IM - Final

Men's 100m Breast - Semifinal

Tuesday, June 26

Women's 100m Fly - Final

Men's 200m Free - Semifinal

Women's 100m Breast - Semifinal

Men's 100m Breast - Final

Women's 400m Free - Final

Men's 100m Back - Semifinal

Women's 100m Back - Semifinal

Wednesday, June 27

Women's 200m Free - Semifinal

Men's 200m Free - Final

Women's 100m Back - Final

Men's 100m Back - Final

Women's 100m Breast - Final

Men's 200m Fly - Semifinal

Women's 200m IM -- Semifinal

Thursday, June 28

Men's 100m Free - Semifinal

Women's 200m Free - Final

Men's 200m Fly - Final

Women's 200m Fly - Semifinal

Men's 200m Breast - Semifinal

Women's 200m IM - Final 

Friday, June 29

Men's 200m Breast - Final

Women's 100m Free - Semifinal

Men's 200m Back - Semifinal

Women's 200m Fly - Final

Men's 100m Free - Final

Women's 200m Breast - Semifinal

Men's 200m IM - Semifinal 

Saturday, June 30

Men's 50m Free - Semifinal

Women's 200m Breast - Final

Men's 200m Back - Final

Women's 200m Back - Semifinal

Men's 200m IM - Final

Women's 100m Free - Final

Men's 100m Fly - Semifinal 

Sunday, July 1

Women's 200m Back - Final

Men's 100m Fly - Final

Women's 800m Free - Final

Men's 50m Free - Final

Women's 50m Free - Semifinal 

Monday, July 2

Women's 50m Free - Final

Men's 1500m Free - Final

Eric Hansen
Eric Hansen
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OMAHA, Neb. – Head coach Eric Hansen, the University of Arizona swimming team and Tucson Ford Aquatics travel to Olympic trials this week in Omaha, Neb.

The teams, known as Ford and Zona at the trials, have qualified 56 athletes – more than any other team in the country – for the event.

In addition, several Arizona swimmers have already qualified for the 2012 Olympics for their respective countries.

More than 1,850 swimmers will compete in the meet and only two from each event will qualify for the Olympic Games, beginning July 27 in London, England.

Of the swimmers competing for Arizona's teams this week, Amanda Beard, Matt Grevers and Christine Magnuson have qualified for the Olympic Games in previous years, earning three gold medals, five silver and one bronze.

The trials begin June 25 and will conclude on July 2, with preliminaries at 10 a.m. CT and finals at 6:45 p.m. CT each day and will be televised on NBC and NBC Sports Network.