Biosphere 2 Lectures Focus on Weather and Climate

Leading weather experts will give Saturday talks about their research on lightning, hurricanes, air quality and monsoon storms.
Oct. 20, 2009
"Let's Talk Science" lectures
Saturdays at noon, through Dec. 5
Biosphere 2 (Az. Highway 77, Milepost 96.5)
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Leading weather and climate experts are featured speakers for the "Let's Talk Science!" lecture series held on Saturdays at the University of Arizona's Biosphere 2

Scientists will discuss such topics as lightning, hurricanes, air quality and monsoon storm forecasting at noon on Saturdays through Dec. 5. 

B2 Institute director Pierre Meystre said, "This is a very timely topic, first of all because everybody is interested in the weather, and also because there are many misconceptions about climate change and much confusion about the difference between weather and climate.

"Understanding these ideas, in particular in the context of the American Southwest, will help inform those who will be required to make difficult decisions in the near future to cope with global climate change," Meystre said.

The “Let’s Talk Science!” lecture series is one way Biosphere 2 conducts its mission of educating the general public on science topics and promoting scientific literacy, said Matt Adamson, Biosphere 2 education and outreach coordinator.

“We have a growing group of Biosphere 2 members who come out here every Saturday to hear these talks regardless of scientific topic,” Adamson said. “Many of these people have told me they’re so pleased to have these types of talks available here since, in many instances, they’re unable to make the trek down to the UA main campus for similar talks.”

As in prior lecture series, Biosphere 2 is drawing upon world-class UA faculty members who do research in the topics featured in the series. 

Xubin Zeng, professor of atmospheric sciences and director of the UA's Climate Dynamics and Hydrometeorology Center, helped recruit speakers for this series. 

“Tucson and Arizona are located in a semi-arid region that is sensitive to the change of weather and climate," Zeng said. "UA has nationally and internationally recognized expertise in weather and climate, and I am happy that, through the organization of Biosphere 2, we can share that expertise to help our fellow citizens to better understand our environment.”

In addition to the UA faculty members who will speak, local meteorologist Chuck George of KOLD News 13 television station in the speaking lineup as well. 

“I am thrilled to have Chuck speak, because he is an example of how weather and meteorology research conducted at UA actually reaches the marketplace and citizens," Adamson said. "I think of Chuck as an example of the link between research and the public. He’s been a great friend to Biosphere 2 through the years, and we’re glad he’s able to speak here this fall.”

All “Let’s Talk Science!” lectures are included with the price of Biosphere 2 tour admission. For more information about the lectures, or for tour prices and hours of operation, call 520-838-6200 or visit the Biosphere 2 Web site.