Communication Professor Honored

June 30, 2006

The International Communication Association (ICA) named Judee K. Burgoon as the winner of the 2006 Steven H. Chaffee Career Productivity Award. The award recognizes "sustained work on a communication problem over a long period of time, with preference given to original work that is conceptually rich and makes an advance in communication knowledge," according to information supplied by ICA.

The prize comes with a $1,000 award that will be given at the ICA's 56th annual international conference in Dresden, Germany on June 21.

Burgoon is professor of communication and director of human communication research at the Center for the Management of Information at The University of Arizona. She is a noted authority on non-verbal communication, and may be the most prolific woman in her discipline. She has written or co-authored seven books and monographs and more than 240 articles, chapters and reviews. Her research centers on deception, non-verbal and interpersonal communication, which has been funded by grants from an array of government and private agencies.

She graduated with a doctorate from West Virginia University and has been on the UA faculty since 1984.

ICA also recognized her with B Aubrey Fisher Mentorship Award, one of several honors she's received for teaching. In 1999 she won the National Communication Association's Distinguished Scholar Award for her scholarship, the highest award given by that group.