'Daily Show' Host to Interview UA Law Professor

Robert Glennon, who has spoken throughout the nation about his newly published book, "Unquenchable," will be interviewed this week by "The Daily Show."
July 14, 2009
Robert Glennon Appearing on "The Daily Show"
11 p.m. on Comedy Central
Robert Glennon
Robert Glennon
Robert Glennon's "Unquenchable: American's Water Crisis and What We Can Do About It" was published in April.
Robert Glennon's "Unquenchable: American's Water Crisis and What We Can Do About It" was published in April.

Robert Glennon, a widely published University of Arizona law professor, has traveled to Washington D.C., Chicago, Switzerland and elsewhere to promote his research and new book on what he considers to be a water crisis in the United States. 

Now Glennon is set to appear on "The Daily Show," a popular, satirical late-night news show.

Glennon is scheduled to be interviewed by Jon Stewart, the show's host, in New York on Thursday evening. The segment will air on the Comedy Central network at 11 p.m. local time.

He intends to speak about his new book, "Unquenchable: America's Water Crisis and What We Can Do About It," the nation's overuse of water and the "bizarre" cases to attempt to curtail water use.

Appearing on "The Daily Show" will undoubtedly elevate the visibility of Glennon and his work and book, a 400-page account of issues related to farming, water consumption, water harvesting and other topics. Part of his priority, he said, has been to reach a wider audience by putting the issue "on the nation's radar screen."

But it's somewhat of a nerve-wrecking time for Glennon, also the UA's Morris K. Udall Professor of Law and Public Policy.

He said he does not know what to expect from Stewart. 

But Glennon, who also said it is pretty much impossible to prepare for such a stint anyway, said he'll take whatever happens in stride.

Foremost, he has wanted to promote his book to a larger audience and to also emphasize to the nation that the "absurd" overuse of water must come to a swift end.

While Glennon did admit that studying and writing about the water crisis numerous communities are facing across the nation is serious, "Unquenchable" was also meant to be humorous at times.

This is particualry true of the "bizarre" and ironic examples of lavish water use presented in his book, he said.

One such example he mentioned was the introduction of an amusement park's opening in Georgia. During the opening, the amusement park produced a tremendous mound of artificial snow. At the same time, the city of Atlanta was on the verge of depleting its water supply, Glennon noted.

The book, which was released in April, has already been gaining a steady amount of popularity. That month, Glennon was a keynote speaker along with Al Gore during the Global Water Intelligence conference held in Zurich in April.

Glennon has numerous other speaking engagements arranged for the remainder of the year, including speeches at the Association of Oregon Counties, Continuing Legal Education International and the Arizona Water Law Conference in August. Also next month, he will speak at Antigone Books in Tucson Aug. 18 at 7 p.m.

Glennon's other speaking engagements through February 2010 include the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Tucson Audubon Society Gala and the 15th annual Water Conservation Conference.