Director of Rural Health Office and wife receive LULAC National Presidential Citation Award

June 14, 1999

In its first meeting of the new fiscal year, the Staff Advisory Council on July 5 welcomed its new committee members and paired them with a mentor to assist them with questions they may have about the council and ongoing issues.

The new members are: Carol Gloriosa, FSO Financial Management; Judith Griel, Russian & Slavic languages; Alice Keith, FSO Financial Management; Candace Maynard, Parking and Transportation; Rosemary Oviedo, Family & Consumer Science; and Jane E. Van Wyck, University Advancement.

In other SAC news, there was a short discussion of the UA Compensation Philosophy as proposed by the University Compensation Advisory Team (UCAT). The continuing discussion will deal with staff salaries.

In addition, SAC announced a new addition to its website called "On Our Own Time." The addition is a web exhibit of art works displayed at the annual University of Arizona staff Art Exhibition, which was on display at Herring Hall April 19 - 21.

Due to the limited time the art show was opened to the public, the committee created this web exhibit containing all the art work displayed. Painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media are represented. The website is at