MMTO mirror will be re-aluminized

July 14, 1999

Stuart Williams, UA professor and chairman of biomedical engineering recently attended the Intellectual Property Owners Association National Inventor of the Year award program in Washington D.C.

Gail Naughton, president and COO of Advanced Tissue Sciences received this year's award.

Williams' ongoing research involving the growth of new blood vessels in heart tissue damaged by a heart attack was described during the award ceremonies held at the National Press Club and in the Caucus Room of the Senate Office Building.

Also, a small business technology transfer research grant was recently awarded to Williams by the National Institutes of Health. This award supports a collaborative research and development program between Williams and Bernard Technologies Inc. with the goal of developing a new generation of medical implants with an anti-microbial coatings to reduce and eliminate medical device related infections.

Williams also recently was awarded a $1 million grant award from the National Institutes of Health. The grant will support ongoing research in his laboratory toward the development of new medical devices for use in replacing diseased blood vessels, heart valves and the heart itself. This research involves the emerging field of tissue engineering and involves the use of materials engineering and biology principles to create medical devices that grow new replacement organs once implanted into the body.