(Photo: Paul O'Mara)
(Photo: Paul O'Mara)

No Increase in Tuition, Fees for Majority of UA Students

For all entering resident and nonresident, undergraduate and graduate students in 2017-2018, the UA has proposed a tuition increase of 1 percent and an increase in some mandatory fees.
March 17, 2017

There will be no increase in tuition and mandatory fees for the 92 percent of current University of Arizona undergraduates whose tuition and mandatory fees already are locked in under the UA's Guaranteed Tuition Plan. President Ann Weaver Hart released the UA's tuition and fees proposal for 2017-2018 for the Arizona Board of Regents today.

"Nearly all undergraduate students at the University of Arizona will see no increase in tuition and mandatory fees next year," Hart said. "In addition, we propose to lock in mandatory fees for current graduate students for the next four years at the 2016-2017 rate.”

For all entering resident and nonresident, undergraduate and graduate students in 2017-2018, the UA has proposed a tuition increase of 1 percent and an increase in some mandatory fees:

  • Information Technology/Libraries, an increase of $55 to $535, directed to wireless connectivity upgrades, and digital tools and software for students (first increase in four years)
  • Health and Recreation, an increase of $125 to $425, dedicated to expanded campus health services (medical and psychiatric) and recreational center facilities and programming (first increase in seven years)
  • Student Services, an increase of $70 to $150, for additional retention, graduation and career initiatives (first increase in nine years)

The fee increases also will help fund the Bear Down Student Success District, a comprehensive combination of facilities and programs to address needs in student health, wellness and academic success.

A new fee to support athletics programs, facilities and improvement of the student and fan experience will be $100 for incoming undergraduate students and $50 for incoming graduate students. Incoming graduate students will be able to opt out of the fee. Graduate students who choose to pay the fee will receive free admission to all sporting events other than men's basketball. Undergraduate students will receive free admission to all sporting events other than football and men's basketball. The Zona Zoo membership program for football and men's basketball will remain.

The proposed plan for incoming students freezes tuition and mandatory fees at $12,228 for Arizona residents and $35,658 for nonresident undergraduates for eight semesters of continuous enrollment.

Students and their families have said the Guaranteed Tuition Plan encourages on-time graduation and helps with financial planning and college completion.

The tuition-proposal process includes the student leaders of the undergraduate and graduate student governments, who worked with the provost, chief financial officer, senior vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, and faculty representatives throughout the process, Hart said.

Student leaders agreed to the priorities set in Never Settle, the University's strategic and business plan that directs investment and effort in improving academic outcomes, including retention and graduation, and making a positive difference for Arizona and the nation.

"I felt the process was fair and transparent and the final increases were justified. The 1 percent increase in tuition is among the lowest in 10 years," said Jude Udeozor, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Council. "If the UA is to remain respected among its peers and continue to provide outstanding services, we must be willing to seek common ground."

Never Settle, approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in November 2013, brought about academic program enhancements that include offering every student a significant engagement opportunity outside the classroom, expanding the offerings of the UA Online degree programs and introducing majors with high career potential for graduates in Arizona.

Other elements of the tuition proposal:

  • For undergraduate students who declined to enroll in the Guaranteed Tuition Plan, the UA has proposed a $452 (4 percent) increase for resident students and a $658 (2.1 percent) increase for nonresidents for mandatory fees and tuition.
  • For graduate students, the change in mandatory fees and tuition together will represent a $414 (3.3 percent) increase for residents and a $612 (1.9 percent) increase for nonresidents.
  • Mandatory fees continue to be part of the guarantee for undergraduates. This proposal would guarantee mandatory fees for all currently enrolled graduate students, regardless of length of time at the UA, and lock them in at the 2016-2017 rate.

The Board of Regents has scheduled a public hearing for 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 28, to discuss the tuition recommendations made by the three state universities. The UA main-campus site will be the College of Education building, Room 102, and the UA South at Sierra Vista site will be the Academic Technology Building, Room B153.

On Thursday, March 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Board of Regents will host a tuition workshop at which the university presidents will present their proposals in person. The meeting will be held at the Arizona State University Memorial Union, Turquoise Room. The meeting will be live-streamed.

On Thursday, April 6, at 10:30 a.m., the Board of Regents will vote on tuition and fees at its meeting in Tucson. The meeting will be live-streamed.

The complete tuition and fees proposal can be found at: http://president.arizona.edu/memos_letters/2017-18-tuition-proposals.