Purchasing tips

Aug. 16, 1999

It's time for departments to submit Federal Work Study (FWS) job descriptions to the Federal Work Study Office, Office of Financial Aid. A blank job description has been sent to each department. For each FWS position a separate form should be submitted.

Jobs are posted on CatTracks, an Internet service in which departments on campus can post FWS or general-student-employment jobs. The service is free. Students and alumni can access this site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Community members can use this site for a fee.

Career Services manages the accounts to access CatTracks. Questions regarding CatTracks should be referred to Career Services at 621-4606 or go online .

Job descriptions can be faxed to 621-9437 or mailed to Administration Building, Room 203, and P.O. Box 210066. Melva Romero or Gay Black in the Federal Work Study Office also can answer questions at 621-5542.