Sarver Heart Center's Dr. Frank Marcus Receives Alumnus Award

June 2, 2003

Dr. Frank I. Marcus, a founding member of the University of Arizona cardiology program, has received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Boston University School of Medicine in recognition of his outstanding career.

Marcus' research has focused on drug interactions and cardiac arrhythmias. He is an international expert on arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, a hereditary condition that accounts for a significant percentage of sudden deaths in athletes and young people.

Marcus attended Boston University after graduating from Columbia University at age 20. After receiving a master's degree in physiology from Tufts University in 1951, he graduated cum laude from Boston University in 1953. Marcus served as chief of cardiology at the Georgetown University Service at the DC General Hospital from 1960-68 and then was recruited to Tucson to become founding chief of the UA's cardiology section.