Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation Announces Gift to UA

Oct. 25, 2002

The Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation of Tucson, Ariz. today announced a significant gift to the University of Arizona. The announcement was made at a joint meeting of Eller College of Business and Public Administration's National Board of Advisors and the College of Engineering and Mines' Industry Advisory Council.

The gift is intended to foster further excellence and deeper collaboration between the Eller College of Business and Public Administration and theCollege of Engineering and Mines at the UA. The Colleges will receive $200,000 per year for three years to assist in recruiting two world-class scholars who will play a leadership role in building linkages between the two Colleges and promote research, teaching, and service to the community in engineering and management. Upon successful recruitment of the world-class scholars and the demonstration of an expanded collaboration effort, the Foundation hopes to establish two permanently endowed chairs to support the endeavor.The College of Engineering and Mines and the Eller College will also jointly receive $100,000 per year for three years in scholarship support. This support is designated to help: the College of Engineering and Mines recruit more National Merit Scholars to its Undergraduate Program; and the Eller College recruit more technically-seasoned students to its MBA Program. If successful in attracting more talented engineering and management students to the two Colleges, ongoing scholarship support will continue as well.

The gift by the Brown Family Foundation is intended to honor Tom Brown and benefit the community through an initiative that spans the expertise in engineering and management that was so integral to his own success.

Tom Brown received an undergraduate engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He was a long-time Tucsonan whoco-founded Burr-Brown Inc., in 1956 in his garage. Through commitment tomaking world-class products and the effective management of talented employees, he led Burr-Brown to worldwide prominence in the development, manufacturing and marketing of data conversion and mixed signal integrated circuits. Burr-Brown was acquired by Texas Instruments in August 2000 for an amount that still holds the record for an Arizona-grown entrepreneurial endeavor. Sadly, Tom Brown passed away earlier this year, however, in part through this gift, his legacy will endure.

Mrs. Sandra Brown, and daughters, Sarah B. Smallhouse (Eller MBA, '88) and Mary B. Brown were on hand at the joint meeting of the College's two Boards to announce the gift. The Brown family members lauded the Colleges' strong existing collaborations and plans for deepening the partnership.

John Carter, Michael Hard, Gerald Swanson, Mary Brown and Sarah Smallhouse, Trustees of the Foundation, jointly commented that "These initiatives held a strong appeal for the Foundation. Expanded collaboration between these Colleges is an exciting and innovative move and one well suited to the future. We look forward enthusiastically to where this may lead and believe our support will translate directly into enhanced experiences for both business and engineering students, and ultimately the broader community."

University of Arizona President Peter Likins expressed his appreciation to the Brown family and the trustees of the Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation, affirming the commitment of the University to honor the memory of Tom Brown through the development of programs that reflect his contributions to both business and technology-engineering.

College of Engineering and Mines dean Tom Peterson said, "So much in the way of positive economic development, and the attendant benefits to the community in general, are a result of a successful marriage of engineering and business. We are honored to enhance our educational activities in this area using support from Tucson's most outstanding entrepreneur/engineer."

Eller College dean, Mark Zupan, concurs. "We celebrate the productive initiatives between our two Colleges. Wonderful opportunities have evolved from forging these bonds, bonds that will be strengthened by the Brown Family Foundation's generous gift."