Year in Review 1999: Arizona International College Continues to Grow

Dec. 2, 1999

Arizona International College had an extraordinary year as it completed and implemented four-year curriculum and expanded its offerings. In addition to its interdisciplinary integrated liberal arts program, it now offers a program of study in the Built Environment in cooperation with the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, and a program of study in International Management and Culture.

The college's NOAA grant was renewed for another $50,000 for FY2000 bringing the total to over $250,000. As the year closes, the college has received over $500,000 in programmatic grants, NOAA and FIPSE being the two major sources of funding. The College was awarded a Fulbright grant and is hosting a Fulbright professor from Botswana to teach and to advise the faculty on some aspects of curriculum development.

The college established a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada. The first student exchange under the new MOA took place in the fall 1999 semester. In addition, two AIC students attended Universidad del Noroeste (UNO) in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and two students from UNO attended AIC under the College's MOA. AIC students also studied in Brazil and Italy.

AIC initiated the on-site development of an interdisciplinary program in Silverton, Colorado. The project began in June with the course Directed Studies in Cultural and Natural History. This historic town will become a summer field camp for AIC students as well as for select students from other colleges.

AIC faculty members have continued their scholarly research and creative work. Several faculty members presented papers at national conferences and two faculty presented at international conferences. Ed Clausen has co-edited a book on China and Michelle Grijalva has submitted a book to UA press for review and editing. Hiber Conteris, the distinguished novelist and playwright, who was awarded the prestigious Letras d'Oro for his work, also was awarded first prize for his novel "Round Trip-Viaje Regresivo" by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Uruguay.

Every member of the Arizona International faculty and staff attended at least one professional conference or professional development activity during the year.

The community advisory council, chaired by Don Shropshire, has taken on additional responsibilities to support Arizona International's efforts in the University's Capital Campaign.