A Look Inside a UA Dance Rehearsal

Nov. 28, 2018

UA School of Dance 360º

A swish of red fabric. A perfectly executed turn. A graceful leap.

At a technical rehearsal at the University of Arizona School of Dance, colorful costumes swirl across the stage and drums reverberate in the chest as some of America's most talented young dancers prepare for the spotlight.  

UA Dance is the top-ranked dance program at a public university in the U.S., offering rigorous training in ballet, modern and jazz dance. The school does more than 40 performances a year, including its popular fall production, Premium Blend, which put more than 70 student dancers on the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre stage in November.

If you missed the show, you can catch a behind-the-scenes look at the performances in the above 360-degree video, captured during a tech rehearsal by UANews videographer Bob Demers. (To watch 360-degree videos, use the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox or MS Edge on your computer. On mobile devices, use the latest version of the YouTube app. Click and drag to pan.)

You can view a schedule of upcoming performances on the UA Dance website.