Arts and Humanities

Carl Berkhout (left) and Special Collections librarian Roger Myers examine the cover of a copy of the 1632 edition of "A continuation of the histories of foreign martyrs."
Aug. 22, 2017
An exhibit at UA Special Collections shows that even the covers of books were altered, often to reflect the motives of their owners during a period of religious fervor.
"Woman-Ochre," a painting by abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, has been returned to the University of Arizona Museum of Art. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Aug. 11, 2017
When a caller said, "I think I have a painting of yours," everything changed at the UA Museum of Art, which now has the treasured "Woman-Ochre" by abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning back in its possession. Here's the story of how it happened, with video of last week's preliminary authentication.
UA Art Museum
Aug. 8, 2017
Meg Hagyard, a native Tucsonan and alumna of the UA, brings recent experience as senior director of external relations for the Office of Research, Discovery and Innovation.
Baby Lisanne Skyler and the Brillo Box from "Brillo Box (3¢ Off)." From the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc. (Brillo trademark used with permission of Armaly Brands Inc.; photo courtesy of HBO)
Aug. 2, 2017
Lisanne Skyler's "Brillo Box (3¢ Off)," about the odyssey of an Andy Warhol sculpture, tells a larger story about art, value and the decisions that shape a family's history. Skyler's parents paid $1,000 in 1969 for the piece — which sold for a cool $3.05 million in 2010.
July 24, 2017
The program's multidisciplinary focus will allow students to concentrate on literature of a specific world region, language or country — or to study a particular theme.
In the fall, the UA Poetry Center will host the Poetry Coalition's annual meeting. (Photo: Robert Reck)
July 19, 2017
The Poetry Coalition, a national group for which the Poetry Center was a founding member last November, will conduct its annual meeting on the UA campus in the fall.
UA professor Melissa A. Fitch (center) with Priti Singh (left) and Aprajita Kashyap, professors at the Centre for Canadian, U.S. and Latin American Studies at the School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India.
July 12, 2017
Through her research into popular culture, Melissa A. Fitch of the UA's College of Humanities has examined assumptions about peoples in Latin America and Asia.
The Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry's 2017-2018 Graduate Fellows are (top row, from left) Jenna Altherr Flores, Isan Brant, Conor Elliot Fitzgerald and Brittany Singletary and (bottom row, from left) Arica Crootof, Sophia Borgias, Saleh Ahmed, Saffo Papantonopoulo and Joseph Dupris.
July 11, 2017
Members of the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry's class for 2017-2018 are studying issues such as California's Owens Valley water conflict and human allomaternal care.
June 26, 2017
The new Tinkerlab, a partnership that also involves the iSpace, the College of Engineering and the Sonoran Glass School, promotes hands-on engagement for all ages.