UA in the News

Nov. 9, 2018
A team of Korean and Belgian astronomers used UA instruments to solve a puzzle about flocks of stars called open clusters.
Nov. 9, 2018
UA professor Gene Alexander will lead a new Brain Imaging and Fluid Biomarkers Core for the Arizona Alzheimer's Disease Center.
Nov. 8, 2018
A new animation shows the asteroid Bennu rotating for one full revolution. The images were captured by the PolyCam camera on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft.
Nov. 8, 2018
Experts discuss "dream study," a new trend sweeping the creative world. UA sleep and dream specialist Rubin Naiman is interviewed.
Nov. 6, 2018
To create livable, aesthetically pleasing cities that are also water-efficient, UA experts say water managers and urban planners will need to increase their coordination efforts.
Nov. 5, 2018
A new UA-led study says imported fresh tomatoes from Mexico contributed $4.8 billion in sales to the U.S. economy in 2016.
Nov. 2, 2018
Construction of the Cole and Jeannie Davis Sports Center is expected to be completed in January.
Nov. 2, 2018
On Oct. 29, the UA-led OSIRIS-REx spacecraft captured eight images of asteroid Bennu from a distance of 330 kilometers, or 205 miles.
Nov. 1, 2018
The UA's Jennifer Schnellmann is interviewed about her ideas to make pharmacology courses accessible to undergraduates and nonspecialists.