Science and Technology

Jay Nunamaker developed the AVATAR system with graduate students to make border crossings both more secure and more efficient. (Photo: Paul Tumarkin/Tech Launch Arizona)
Aug. 27, 2018
UA researchers have developed AVATAR, an interactive system that interviews border crossers, monitors thousands of physical signals and alerts agents when it detects deception.
Artist’s conception of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft during a burn of its main engine. (Credit: Heather Roper/UA)
Aug. 24, 2018
Using its multipurpose camera designed at the UA, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft spied its target asteroid, Bennu, for the first time from about 1.4 million miles away.
Aug. 17, 2018
The University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is on the front line of protecting the state against foreign animal and zoonotic diseases.
Akrotiri is the Minoan town on Santorini that was damaged by earthquakes building up to the eruption and then buried under ash once Thera erupted. The whole town site has a modern roof structure over it to protect the fragile site from the elements. (Photo: Gretchen Gibbs)
Aug. 15, 2018
New University of Arizona-led research uses tree rings to shed light on discrepancies between archeological and radiocarbon evidence in dating the ancient volcanic eruption of Thera.
Like everything else in our solar system, Earth is constantly buffeted by the solar wind, a stream of high-energy particles from the sun. Life can only thrive in the Earth's protective bubble provided by its atmosphere and magnetic field. (Credits: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio/Greg Shirah)
Aug. 8, 2018
Researchers in the UA Lunar and Planetary Lab are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, the first attempt to get close to the sun and study the solar wind at its source.
The theory that rain follows the plow was first used to entice people to settle in the Southern Great Plains. Subsequent research has tried to debunk the myth, though a consensus has never been reached.
Aug. 8, 2018
There are many factors that play a role in whether or not it rains, and UA researchers say human activity such as cultivating agricultural fields may be one of them.
Eta Carinae as imaged with the Hubble Space Telescope (Image: Nathan Smith and NASA)
Aug. 3, 2018
Data obtained by a clever technique that can detect light echoes hint at why Eta Carinae, the most luminous and massive star in the Milky Way, erupted like a supernova, yet survived.
The queen bee, recognized by her larger size and marked with a red dot so the scientists can keep track of her more easily, can live for years, while the worker bee's lifespan is measured in weeks. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
July 31, 2018
UA students hope honey bees can serve as model systems to discover clues about how genetics, gut bacteria and diet influence aging in humans.
Isabella Chea's honors thesis research, which she completed under the guidance of physiology professor Ann Baldwin, studied the effect of aromatherapy on horses.
July 31, 2018
Two years after her graduation, Isabelle Chea's undergraduate thesis on equine aromatherapy has been reborn as a published research paper in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.