The 10 Most Tweeted-About Super Bowl Ads

Feb. 3, 2014

Doritos ad

Forbes reported that this year's Super Bowl game was expected to break 2012's mark of 111.3 million viewers. Second to the game, Super Bowl commercials are a main draw for viewers, often spurring just as much conversation as the game's top plays. And companies should hope they would as a 30-second spot in this year's Super Bowl cost a cool $4 million, according to Paul Farhi of The Washington Post.

We selected a pool of UA experts – professors and alumni – to review Super Bowl XLVIII commercials live on Twitter and invited others to chime in.

These are the 10 ads that received the most commentary from the UA community during our #UAonSBAds Twitter chat:

10. Maserati Ghibli: "Strike" 

While Wildcats liked the luxury car brand's commercial, many weren't sold on the messaging.

As Evan Singer '10, a Fantasy Football product manager with the NFL, pointed out, the ad suggests it's about the working class. 

9. McDonalds: "A Bad Lip Reading"

Matisse Miller '10, a social advertising account coordinator at Razorfish in Seattle, WA, was impressed by McDonalds' relevant and humorous spot. 

8. Wonderful Pistachios: "Get Crackin', America"

Just like many other Wildcats, Michael Staten, the Take Charge America Endowed Professor and director of the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research, agreed that Stephen Colbert cracked viewers up.

7. RadioShack: "In With The New"

Brad Wulff '08, the marketing manager at W Hotels, Los Angeles, agreed with other Wildcats that the RadioShack team members earned points for making fun of themselves.

6. Hyundai Genesis: "Dad's Sixth Sense"

Proving that Hyundai effectively reached their target audience, Scott Hessell, senior lecturer and Lundgren Teaching Fellow of the Retailing and Consumer Sciences program, could relate to the "Dad's Sixth Sense" spot.

5. T-Mobile: "No Contract, No Worries" and "Still No Contract"

Jamie Blanchard '08, communications manager for the U.S. Paralympics at the United States Olympic Committee, thought Tim Tebow was laughing all the way to the bank.

4. Cheerios: "Gracie"

Kerry Stratford '87, chief creative officer at the Caliber Group, was a fan of Cheerios' heartfelt message.

3. Doritos: "Time Machine"

Just like many other Wildcats, Wulff and Singer enjoyed seeing an Arizonan step into the Super Bowl ad spotlight. 

2. Microsoft: "Empowering"

Stratford also thought Microsoft's message was powerful.

1. Coca-Cola: "America Is Beautiful"

Many Wildcats, including Blanchard and Hessell, were moved by Coca-Cola's patriotic ad.

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The opinions and commentary given are those of the individuals and do not necessarily represent those of their employers or the University of Arizona.