Film – 'The Revolution Generation: How Millennials Can Save the World'

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 6:30pm

Sundance Award-winning filmmaker and author Josh Tickell will visit the University of Arizona to preview his new book and film, "The Revolution Generation: How Millennials Can Save the World (Before It's Too Late)." The lecture and film sequence will explore the challenges millennials and other young people face in solving current environmental, economic, and social crisis. Come and learn what you can do to save yourself, your country, and the planet.

A brief Q&A session with the author and filmmaker will follow the screening.

Main Campus
Environment and Natural Resources 2, Room N120
Tucson, AZ
United States
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Contact Person: 
Elizabeth S. Cordova

Requests for disability-related accommodations should be directed to the event's primary contact, Elizabeth S. Cordova.