Mining Law Summit 2019

Friday, November 8, 2019 - 8:00am to 4:00pm

As mineral deposits are increasingly found in areas that present technical, political or environmental challenges, miners are looking to extraterrestrial and deep-sea resources. Presently, mineral development is being considered at the bottom of the oceans and outside of our planet, either on the moon, or on other planets or asteroids. The University of Arizona James E. Roger's College of Law's Fourth Annual Mining Law Summit, titled "Mining Law for the Heavens and the Depths of the Sea," will survey the laws and international treaties regarding these new frontiers to suggest appropriate laws and policies for such development.  
The program includes:   

  • A discussion of the development challenges of lunar mineral resources, particularly Helium-3.
  • A review of economic opportunities that exist on the Moon and a new Earth-Moon economy.
  • A brief history of marine mining, the mineral types and economics, and current legal regimes.
  • An outline of historical mining practices applicable to new discoveries and those under consideration for development of mining resources in space.
  • A panel discussion offering ideas for formulating mining laws for the moon and asteroids.
Main Campus
James E. Rogers College of Law, Room 164
Tucson, AZ
United States
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Bernadette Wilkinson
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Requests for disability-related accommodations should be directed to the event's primary contact, Bernadette Wilkinson.