Arizona Science Lecture Series – 'The Promise and Peril of Artificial Intelligence'

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 7:00pm

The University of Arizona College of Science presents the second lecture as part of its annual lecture series. The 2020 series is titled "Catalysts of Change."

About the series:

Our world continues to change, with some aspects of our lives changing more rapidly than others. This latest installment in the College of Science Lecture Series will explore the catalysts – both positive and negative – influencing the pace of change in four areas of science. Advances in our understanding of climate, space, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will have profound implications for how we will live in the next 20 years and beyond.


Stephen Kobourov
Professor, Computer Science
College of Science, University of Arizona

Carlos Scheidegger
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
College of Science, University of Arizona

About the lecture:

The word "robot" is 100 years old, but only recently has AI begun to make real-life impact, from Apple's Siri to Uber's self-driving cars. Rapid advances in machine learning have renewed the idea of modeling how the human brain works by building deep neural networks that learn how to solve problems with the help of many examples. Like other revolutions, AI comes with great promise: better medical diagnoses, more efficient transportation, and personalized recommendations from shopping to music to fitness routines. There's also peril, since AI enables mass surveillance and manipulation, and perpetuates societal biases. There are technological challenges – deep neural networks can solve only narrow problems, are not robust, and do not generalize how we expect them to – but a truly humane, AI-enabled future will require much more than just technologists. We must work with ethicists, policy-makers, and particularly the people that will be affected by these systems.

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