Performance – 'Which Side Are You On?'

Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 7:00pm

The Faculty Artist Series at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music presents pianist John Milbauer in a recital titled "Which Side Are You On?"

Please note that the recital program has changed from what was previously advertised in the 2016-2017 "Music On Campus" season brochure. The new program is titled "Which Side Are You On?" Milbauer said, "The original program was determined in mid-2016 before the election in November, but then this extraordinary political upheaval happened; the new program speaks to that."

Steinway Artist John Milbauer presents a rousing concert inspired by politics, populism and the intersection of ethnicity and identity. Union songs, Yahi chant, Latin American anti-fascist tunes, Gypsy music, and Transcendentalist philosophy all play a part in this program that blends themes of protest, isolation, refuge and the quest for social justice. Rzewski, Ives, Chopin, Turina, Bartók, Ponce, and Bresnick ask each of us, "Which Side Are You On?"

Click here to read about the program and the artists. 

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