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Biosphere 2 WALD members (from left): UA assistant professor Laura Meredith, University of Freiburg professor Christiane Werner, University of Texas - Austin assistant professor Pawel Misztal and University of Freiburg postdoctoral fellow Ines Bamberger. (Photo: Laura Meredith)
Sept. 13, 2019
Drought will soon descend on the University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 rain forest, and an international research team will be ready with an array of instruments to record what unfurls under the glass.
UA President Robert C. Robbins delivers remarks at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation at Oro Valley groundbreaking ceremony. (Photo: Andy Ober/UANews)
Sept. 13, 2019
Thanks to years of work from community, industry and University of Arizona leaders, a biotech incubator in Oro Valley will soon be a reality. The University of Arizona Center for Innovation at Oro Valley will give biotech startups access to lab space, industry expertise and business coaching.
Sept. 12, 2019
Beginning with the fall 2020 semester, all Arizona-resident, Pell-eligible freshmen attending the main campus will have the full cost of their tuition covered for four years.
Sept. 11, 2019
The UA finished 104th overall in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 – a 55-spot leap over the university's position last year.
Local variations in topography could buffer saguaros from the harsh realities of climate change.
Sept. 10, 2019
Researchers found that variations in Tumamoc Hill’s topography interacted with climate fluctuations to produce unexpected demographic patterns in the saguaro population.
Sept. 9, 2019
The university earned its best overall composite score in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges ranking.
Natasha Cornejo
Sept. 9, 2019
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland has awarded doctoral student in the University of Arizona Department of Chemistry and Biochemisty and her thesis adviser a Gilliam Fellowship. The fellowship aims to support students and advisers in efforts to advance research, leadership and diversity in science fields.
Sept. 6, 2019
A $37.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health will allow the University of Arizona Center for Innovation in Brain Science to further test a unique Alzheimer's disease treatment.
Dimitrios Pslatis, EHT project scientist, and Feryal Ozel, lead of the modeling analysis working group, are two of several University of Arizona researchers who contributed to the Event Horizon Telescope project, which was awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. (Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)
Sept. 5, 2019
The EHT collaboration, which included UA researchers and students, received a prestigious and lucrative award for producing the first image of a supermassive black hole.