Keintz Appointed the New Assistant Director for Student Programs

Sept. 16, 1999

Brian Keintz has been appointed the new assistant director for student programs. Keintz' will be primarily responsible for directing and administering the Office of Student programs, serve as a member of the Student Union senior management team, direct the leadership planning and policy development for the student life co-curriculum and supervise the professional, classified, graduate and undergraduate students in full- or part-time and volunteer positions for Student Programs.

Keintz most recently served as associate director for the Wyoming Union at the University of Wyoming. He is currently finishing a doctorate in adult education and holds a bachelor of science degree and a master of education degree from Colorado State University.

The Arizona Student Unions employ 125 full-time staff and about 1,000 student and temporary employees with responsibility for campus dining, concessions and satellite operations, student programs and services, campus student organizations and activities and operations for the Park and Memorial Student Unions. It's annual fiscal responsibility amounts to more than $14 million.